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Weaves for Babies March 21, 2009

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Baby Bangs

I don’t know if anyone has heard of Baby Bangs but they are a hair band of hair strands, which “have been arranged in the cutest most adorable elfish coiffure!” What do you think about Baby Bangs?


4 Responses to “Weaves for Babies”

  1. Jacque Says:

    i think bald babies are cute!

  2. Angel Says:

    i think it is really sad!

  3. Sunday Says:

    How sad.

  4. R Bailey Says:

    How deep is our self-hatred, and can our self-hatred be any deeper than to make our babies party to it? How can we tell our children that they are beautiful and loved when we find subliminal ways to tell them, younger and younger, that they are not attractive, smart or worthy unless they emulate anyone but themselves? Why would we subject them to such shame as to think that God has given us insufficient qualities, gifts or beauty; that somehow even God discriminates against them! We spend as much time as those who could be deemed as enemies teaching self-hatred to our young and then we have the nerve to wonder why, as they develop, they lose sight of self-pride, dignity and self-esteem? What do I think of baby bangs??? I think it is another prop in the conspiracy to destroy black pride and progress!

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