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About blackhairstory February 17, 2009

boondocks-good-hairI have created this site as a space for people to explore the many different meanings attached to African roots. Many of us spend our entire lives hiding and denying our roots. In the process we forget how beautiful we really are. As new children are born into my family I wonder what they are hearing and internalizing about their beauty, particularly their hair. This site is an open letter to them. I find that when it comes to hair, there is so much that is left unsaid in the black community. It is in those silences that many of us take our cues for what is beautiful…many of us believing that we would be prettier if we had ‘good hair’ or if our roots weren’t showing. The purpose of this site is not to put down any particular hairstyle. Instead, I hope to begin a dialogue that will help others think differently about their natural crowns.