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Lock Maintenance February 27, 2009

Dear sisters,

Many of you have approached me and asked me to ask how to start your locks. I have been trying to think about the advice that was most helpful to me when I was starting my locks. I have synthesized my thoughts into a short list. Let me know if this helps.

1. This is my second time having locks. Each time I have started my locks I have gone to a salon to begin the process them. I do this because it helps to have your hair parted evenly. Decisions that you make in the early phases of the process will greatly affect the way that your locks develop.

2.You should know that in the very beginning of the process, your locks may unravel each time that you twist them. BE PATIENT. After a while, some locks will remain twisted.

3. Eventually, more and more of your locks will remain twisted.

4. If having your locks unravel each time that you get your hair done is discouraging to you, there are many alcohol based cleansers that you can use to clean your scalp.olive-oil

5. It is necessary for you to wash your hair as often as you would if you were not in the locking process. Do not believe people who tell you that your hair must remain unwashed. This is simply untrue.

6. Remember to moisturize your scalp.

7. To retwist your locks after they have unraveled, there are two options:

Twist and pin: you will need pins that you can purchase at any beauty supply store and a twisting aid. I like to use Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil. There are a number of products on the market.

The Twist and Pin Method

1. Apply cream to root of the hair and twist it clockwise firmly.

2. Use a hair pin to hold the twist (at the root) so it doesn’t unravel.

3. You can sit under a dryer or use a hair dryer to set the twists.

The twists are not dreads when they are first made and will be delicate while they are locking. It is a good idea to sleep with a scarf or stocking over the dreads to prevent them from picking up fuzzies.

The Finger Twisting Method

This method is best used when the locks are past their initial stage and do not unravel immediately after being twisted.

1.  Twist the hair around and around clockwise.  Use root stimulator with your fingers and twist it into the hair to help hold it in place.

2. You will need to retwist often at the beginning of the process. Eventually you will need to retwist less and less.

More to come!


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