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What I am loving: Sasha and Malia’s natural hair January 30, 2009


Mane Magic: Why does it matter if Michelle Obama has Lye Free Natural Hair? January 29, 2009

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I am a little confused about and uncomfortable with the attention being devoted to Michelle Obama’s hair. While I have never followed the President’s family closely enough to be sure, I doubt that other first ladies have been so seriously scrutinized. There are a number of conversations in the blogosphere and on websites making claims about the first lady’s hair. Some think that she has lye free natural hair and others are arguing that her hair could not possibly look that way without a relaxer. Scariest of all, a sizable group of advertisements are popping up with the claim that smooth hair can be achieved without a relaxer. Actually that wasn’t the scariest thing of all. The really scary thing is that her “chemically relaxed” hair has been discussed in Chicago’s local news. The Philadelphia Inquirer insists that all black women have been focused on her hair more than anything else. No, we have not been listening to her wonderful speeches. Black women are only concerned with her “heavenly mane”. Apparently, all black women ” have been trying to get that hair nirvana – without chemicals.” Is this really what is most important to us? I promise, I am not making this up. Does that seem a little bit odd to you? Or is it me?